LED Lights applications

Off-road, trails and extreme sport

The most common LED Lights applications includes off-road, trails and extreme sports of all kinds. All XSurge LED lights bars will provide you with an unparalleled brightness and you will greatly improve overall vision in any circumstances.

Live your passions thoroughly and safely through the power of your new XSurge LED light bars.

Marine and boating

All XSurge LED lights will give you access to strong and sufficient light when you go out on the water.

Whether for safe navigation or to illuminate sections of your boat, you’ll always get ahead of the darkness.

Agriculture, livestock and farm work

Never search your tools while in the dark again and stay safe with the brightest LED Lights around. The installation of XSurge LED Light bars on your equipment will help you in all your tasks from dawn to the darkest night.

XSurge products are resistant to vibrations and intense work, in addition, they consume only a mere fraction of the power required by other types of lighting . They’re also resistant to dust , mildew and corrosion as well.

Industrial, commercial and forestry

Your employees must have optimum illumination to be safe and be effective in all kinds of tasks.

Keep your employees and facilities as safe as possible by installing XSurge LED Light bars wherever lighting should be a priority . The XSurge Products are made ​​to give maximum performance while minimizing maintenance.

Safety and public works

In emergency situations there is no compromise to be made. Rely on XSurge LED lights to assist you in the action.

The efficiency and brightness of our products will help you in all types of interventions; individuals research, emergency work on the road, crisis situations, fire, theft , assistance to persons in distress , rescues on land and sea ​​… The possibilities and situations are endless.

There is a lot of Applications for LED lights, keep in mind that they will give you the best performance and increased efficiency under any circumstance.